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With the change in the lifestyle that is ever dynamic, looking to find a lawyer that is an expert in the field of law and order looks difficult. There are many reasons for this inconvenience. First of all, money talks and without paying enough hiring a lawyer for your cases and petitions get next to impossible. With VcourTs, you have access to all the expert lawyers who help you to mediate at a reasonable price. No more going to the court for your cases which are minor in nature for eg pre-litigations and pre-consumer dispute.

Do you want to skip going to the court to meet the lawyers for the resolution? If yes, then without skipping the important appointments, you can discuss with your mediator. VcourTs allows meeting either online and offline. Meetings can be made more personal with the video chat option.

Our platform enables litigants to share petitions and problems within a few clicks. The litigants have to register and then share the petition on the issue they have faced and the society may face. We ensure access to polls, campaigns and even endorsement of your problems. Have you ever wondered why the life in ancient time was more peaceful than it is now with less number of crimes? Mediation in villages with the head of the villages made it possible. We want to bring back the same tradition for the peace in the society.

Are you able to check the updates or progress of filed cases easily without contacting your lawyer? With VcourTs, you have access to the petitions you have filed and keep a tab on what’s the stage it has reached. Struggle to chase someone for a simple answer is empowered to you.

Startups are born with obstacles. They are not easy to pass through. We excel in the niche of helping startups in accomplishing tasks that otherwise is out of reach for the aspiring entrepreneurs. When a business blooms, no one cares to know of the hardship the startup has to go through to make it to the news. One has to clear the process of company registration, get ISO trademark, download legal forms, manage taxes and file patents too. All these are the steps that we boast of helping a startup within less than the usual process.

VcourTs is the new idea for the archaic process of resolving disputes.

Come and join us and see the change in the world