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Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement or SLA is the agreement that is a document formal in nature and is signed between the user and the provider of service. Everything pertaining to the service like duration of delivery, what if the service cannot be delivered for a down time, and much more are included in the document.

Benefits of SLA

  • There will be no possibility of customers or clients getting frustrated as the service will be provided in the time frame as mentioned in the SLA
  • No matter what the service provider does to make a service work, the final say is “it should work”.

How we work?

Once you want a Service Level Agreement to be prepared, and request us for drafting it, we shall draft it in the next 3 to 4 business days. Our VcourTs representative will be in constant touch with you for any doubts and clarification.

We entertain iterations at the max two times.

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