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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is an expression that distinguishes one company from the other. It sets an identity for a company or establishment. The trademark can be anything from a logo to a punchline to a picture to any signature. With the registration of a trademark, a company has the right to reach the court for any misuse of that signature. A trademark symbol is TM while the symbol of registered is R which can be achieved only after two years of applying for registration.

Everyone desires to identify the brand created through the trademark. That’s how important it is.

How VcourTs works

As you finalize on a trademark, we do a scan to check if the trademark is unique. If everything goes well, we take the full payment on registering the trademark. An authorization letter will then be sent to you that need to be signed and sent back to us.

There are different categories on which you can register the trademark. In case you need to register in multiple categories, payment should be done separately for each as separate form 1s will be filed for each category. Once the registration has been filed, the symbol of a trademark can be used.

The trademark you have applied for will be sent to the Trademark Office which will verify the authenticity of the trademark. It takes longer than other registrations as there may be objections from other businesses, government officials or if there is any confusion pertaining to the trademark. VcourTs takes the responsibility of checking on the status for the next 18 months and keep you updated. You need to be ready for 24 months for the registration process to complete.