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Trademark Assignment

Did you know that there is a way to transfer your already existing trademark to another party? This transfer is possible through assignment agreements. The transferring of trademark can be either with goodwill or without goodwill. “With goodwill” implies complete transfer of a trademark while “without goodwill” refers to the transfer of trademark to limited products or services. The assignment deed should be applied by the assignee in six months.

What we do

You may be the assignee or the assignor, and depending on that we will ask for the documents you need to submit for the process. Our lawyer who is an expert in this process will get in touch with you from there. He will take it further.

The deed needs to be notarized. After the notarizing of the deed, we need to file the the required forms which can be TM-16, TM-23 or TM-24. The registrar will be told by the assignee of the assignment and published within 6 months. If not, the assignment will be considered null and void.

The lawyer will be communicating with the registrar on behalf of you and keep you posted. After the Registrar is confirmed of the validity, it will be published in the Trademark’s Journal. The Registrar will decide if the assignment has to be approved or not.