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Patent or Permanent Patent is the exclusive label or right a government gives to a businessman or entrepreneur on certain work. After this right has been conferred, no one can use, copy, sell or utilize the innovation in any form without a prior approval by the creator. A patent over a product is valid for 20 months after which the product or work can be public.

Before applying for a patent, make sure that you have done the patent search to avoid the application being rejected. It saves time too.

How VcourTs helps

Try to submit all the necessary details so that search through the database gets easier and the process gets faster. One of the patent attorneys will be responsible for your task.

After the search has been completed and found that the invention can be patented, the attorney in charge will draft an application for the process. The application is then sent to the Registrar for further approval. After a period of 12 to 15 months, the patent will be published in a patent journal which is a recognized one. To expedite the process, fast track fee of Rs 2600 can be paid.

Let us assume everything is perfect. In that case, the process of examination will start instantly. A government patent officer will conduct the examination who further gives the approval on learning everything is in place. As soon as this is done, the most awaited patent will be granted to you. It is a lengthy process but don’t worry as we shall be in constant assistance with you.