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Sale Deed

It is one of the most important documents that is the proof that either you have purchased a property or sold a property after fulfilling all the formalities. As property dealing involves a huge sum of money that cannot be ignored. Everything related to the property and the party has to be documented, from the price of the property to the date when it will be sold or bought. Once the possession is done finally, the Sale Deed will come into existence for execution.

Benefits of Sale Deed

  • It is mandatory to protect the rights of both the parties; buyers and sellers
  • It is a detailed document that states the health of the property which works advantageously for the buyers

How we work?

Once you want a Sale Deed to be prepared, and request us for drafting it, we shall draft it in the next 3 to 4 business days. Our VcourTs representative will be in constant touch with you for any doubts and clarification.

We entertain iterations at the max two times.

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