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Shops and Establishments Registration

Every shop and establishment you have started and is in operation for the past 30 days needs to be immediately registered. The establishment may not be present physically but the existence even though non-tangible needs to be registered. This registration regulates everything related to work and business like number of employees, work hours, etc.

Shop registration helps in various ways. It helps one to get loans from banks and raise funds from other giants. Even if the establishment is in your home, you can apply for the registration. It is as simple.

How we help you

First of all, partners/proprietors/directors/employees should submit documents like PAN cards, identity proof and address proof. Rest we will take care by applying for your registration to the authority concerned.

Basic acknowledgment will be received by you within a week of applying. In case of any document missing or additional information asked by the inspector, the process may be delayed by a couple of days. Within 15 to 20 days, you will get your shop or establishment registered with no hassle.