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A disclaimer is a warning message that helps the user to decide whether to consume or use a product and service or not. As per the law, every user should be aware of what he or she is about to use. At least the user should know that whatever the damage is later, the risk was foretold in the past. Disclaimer goes hand in hand with any service or commodity that has higher risk.

Benefits of Disclaimer

  • No matter what the result had been after the utilization of the commodity or service, the service provider is safe
  • There is no scope of confusion between the two parties

How we work?

Once you want a Disclaimer to be prepared, and request us for drafting it, we shall draft it in the next 3 to 4 business days. Our VcourTs representative will be in constant touch with you for any doubts and clarification.

We entertain iterations at the max two times.

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