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Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Although users don’t give heed to this agreement, it is of utmost importance. This is the agreement which protects the use’s right to use a commodity or service. Terms of Service as well as Privacy Policy are two essential elements of a website.

Terms of Service defines the conditions under which a service can be enjoyed and what can be done if someone is not happy with the service. Privacy policy states that no personal information of the user will be used elsewhere.

Benefits of Terms of Service and Private Policy

  • It is essential to be transparent on your services so that there can be no confusion in future after the service has been used
  • A user will know how the personal information will be used by the service provider. If not, the user can file a case

How we work?

Once you want a Terms of Service and Private Policy Agreement to be prepared, and request us for drafting it, we shall draft it in the next 3 to 4 business days. Our VcourTs representative will be in constant touch with you for any doubts and clarification.

We entertain iterations at the max two times.

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