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Close Your Private Limited Company

When one starts a company, one doesn’t think of winding it up ever. In case there is a need to do it, make sure the process is followed. This is important to get rid of the annual requirements of the Registrar of Companies. One of the most important reasons of doing it is to get free from all the assets and investments.

How we help

As it is a tedious process, the procedure can take longer than anticipated. Usually the turn-around time for the completion of the process is 3 to 4 months. Before you apply for the closure of the private limited company, you need to submit the statements of accounts. The accounts that you disclose is for the Registrar of Companies to learn of the assets and liabilities you have at the time of application.

After the submission of statement of accounts, application with relevant documents should be submitted. One of our VcourTs representatives will be your SPOC to guide you through the entire process till its completion.

Within two to three months, the process should be complete.