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Trademark Objection

It is self-explanatory. Trademark objection refers to the objection on the Trademark raise due to reasons like duplicity in the design, hurts the sentiments of religions, confusing and directionless, lack of transparency etc. In such cases, you will have to respond to the objection within one month of the notice received. It is important that the objection is reciprocated for gaining support to an extent.

In case the trademark has not been answered, the chance of the application getting through is highly improbable. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your customer base that has been associating your business with the trademark symbol you have been using. It can mean losing customers.

Why VcourTs

In such situation when objections have been raised, many people panic. There’s nothing to panic. VcourTs has lawyers who are experts in respective fields of law. We will make sure you have the best lawyer at work for you.

The lawyer will then look into the details of the objection and then respond legally on behalf of you. In case, the Registrar is not satisfied with the response, you have all the rights to meet in person and fix this. The government once approves, the application will continue to be in process for the next 18 months.