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Add a Director

A company cannot run efficiently without a director. The Board of Directors as per the Articles of Association in Section 260 and section 184 of Companies Act can appoint a new Director. The clauses mentioned in the Articles of Association should be complied with to appoint a new Director. Without that, the appointment of Director will be null and void. After the selection by the Board as per the clauses laid, the person chosen should give his or her consent for the designation to proceed.

How we help

The newly appointed Director needs a Director’s Identification Number. We have a team of experts that will help in applying for it. The form that needs to be filled is E-Form DIN-1 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. You simply sit back and relax. The job will be taken care of by one of our representatives.

A strong sense of commitment with a team that works towards it is VcourTs.