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Trademark Renewal

Renewal of trademark is an integral process of the trademark registration. Trademark has a validity of ten years and it needs a renewal after every ten years. The trademark needs to be renewed within 6 to 12 months after the expiry of the trademark. The process of renewal of trademark after the cap period is called restoration. To safeguard the trademark registered in the past, it is imperative to renew the trademark.

How we help

As you request for a renewal, our representative will get in touch to know the details at length. The charge of renewal is Rs 5000 as per the government fee while Rs 8000 is the restoration charge. It is mandatory to file either Form-10 or Form-12. This gets filed at the Registrar’s Office with a renewal charge.

It takes five to six months for the trademark to be renewed. The trademark gets renewed for the next ten years.