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Term Sheet

This document plays a vital role in the last minute of a contract. Indian businessmen spend time in negotiation of a contract, drafting of a contract and then final preparation of a contract. At the brink of the procedure, they realize that an agreement hasn’t been drafted in place. The basics that the contract has are then given a shape in the form of Term Sheet. The documents consists of the following-

  • Terms and conditions of the contract
  • Price of a material
  • Quantity of a material
  • Valuation of a material
  • Pre-emption
  • Due-diligence

Benefits of Term Sheet

  • Helps the members of the company do away with the differences that may occur during the final drafting of the agreement
  • Instead of doing a contract once again and spending time, Term Sheet saves time stating the basics of how to arrive at a decision

How we work?

Once you want a Consultancy Agreement to be prepared, and request us for drafting it, we shall draft it in the next 3 to 4 business days. Our VcourTs representative will be in constant touch with you for any doubts and clarification.

We entertain iterations at the max two times.

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