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Remove a Director

As the need for a Director is met, there can be situations that a company might decide to remove a Director. If the Directors doesn’t meet with the expectations set by the company and is found guilty under the provisions of section 184, an order or a Tribunal is sent to inform of the removal of the Director. The Director may also be disqualified through court proceedings, the outcome of which can be an imprisonment of not less than six months.

In the both the ways, a legal expert is needed. VcourTs has been helpful to many companies in the past. Hassle free and quick resolution is what we promise.

How we work

A legal or special notice is sent to the Director who has set examples of misconduct. Our legal expert will send this on behalf of you. We will then wait for an explanation by the Director if there is any. If he or she doesn’t respond within a stipulated time, the board of directors and other important members of the company can stand together in removing the Director.

This has to be done by filing the DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies. Once this is done, the Directors can be removed.