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VAT Returns Filing

Value Added Tax or VAT is a compulsory tax levied on any businessman involved in sales of goods. This registration is also known as TIN. The VAT registration is mandatory once the annual turnover crosses 5 lakh. The amount may be 10 lakh in some states. It is the state that decides the VAT rate, and even the due date. The return needs to be filed once every month or once every quarter. It will also depend on the annual turnover and the location of the business.

VcourTs is the platform that can help you be on the track of your VAT return without missing a date.

How we help you

We collect all the documents and data required to fill in the return form. It is, therefore, important that you keep all your information like TIN, balance sheet, the liability of tax, state of operation handy. One of our representatives will get in touch to remind you of the due date to avoid any kind of penalty.

To be sure that the data represented by us incorrect, we will let you review the filing form. Once you approve, we shall proceed with the filing process. The acknowledgment letter will be emailed to you.